Model Order Reduction Summer School 2020

Elliptic modes of Penrose tiles © D. Pradovera

The summer school on Model Order Reduction (MORSS 2020) is organized by junior researchers for junior researchers. It is particularly aimed towards the Master students in their final phase, PhD students and Post-Docs in the field of model order reduction. This summer school has the following main objectives:

  • Scientific exchange in the form of lectures, talks and discussions
  • Networking in an informal atmosphere

Given the impossibility of travel during the COVID-19 crisis, the summer school will be held in a virtual format. All lectures, talks, and discussions will be online.

The topics of the summer school include:

  • Reduced Basis methods for linear and nonlinear problems
  • Non-intrusive approximation of parametric problems
  • POD methods
  • Data assimilation
  • Broad applications of Model Reduction

The lecture material of the summer school is available at .